Jellish (Thingumajig Theatre)

Jellish (Thingumajig Theatre)

I work as a Producer and Project Manager, collaborating with artists and communities to create exciting, dynamic projects on every scale, from the epic to the intimate. My role is defined in response to the individual needs of each project, ​from undertaking initial research and development right through to post-event evaluation and reporting.

Here are some of the ways in which I could work with you:


  • Work collaboratively with artists in the early stages of a project’s development, exploring and interrogating ideas in order to distil the vision and scope of a project
  • Conduct research and viability studies to better understand a project’s scale and the context within which it will sit
  • Map out a full project delivery plan including summary proposals, budgets, schedules and resource allocation strategies
  • Develop outline project proposals and full funding applications, including the development of ACE Project Grant applications


  • Work with artists to assemble creative teams and identify key artistic collaborators
  • Build cross-functional project teams including the recruitment of individuals with the relevant specialist skills for each stage of project delivery
  • Define roles and responsibilities and clarify lines of accountability within a team
  • Draft and negotiate legally complex artist and creative team contracts, including underlying rights agreements


  • Broker and manage complex relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, from internationally renowned artists and collaborators through to funding bodies, venues, local government representatives, volunteers, funders, statutory bodies, community members… the list goes on!
  • Research and develop strategic relationships with VIPs and programmers
  • Manage Co-commission and Co-production relationships, including negotiation of partnership agreements and contracts
  • Build relationships with arts, education and community organisations as part of a community engagement process​


  • Schedule and manage project deadlines and workflows (artistic, technical, marketing and administrative)
  • Assess and manage resource requirements – developing resource management plans, issuing tenders and working with suppliers
  • Secure and book suitable venues or locations, negotiating with the land / premises owners as required
  • Liaise with producing and site partners
  • Manage and oversee all elements of project logistics


  • Prepare and manage complex project budgets, from developing early cost estimates through to the creation and management of detailed production delivery budgets including forecasting, running and reconciliation
  • Financial negotiation with partners
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning


  • Design and deliver participant-focussed consultation activity
  • Identify and facilitate volunteer engagement opportunities
  • Facilitate community co-curation activity and project development


  • Compile appropriate communication and press strategies
  • Manage the design and print of publicity materials
  • Develop digital and online resources and manage social media and email networks
  • ​​Devise and deliver engaging, creative audience development projects and events


  • Design, manage and implement creative impact measurement and evaluation strategies in-line with relevant funding requirements
  • Lead on reporting of activity to key stakeholders including relevant partners and funders